Mirrors For Eternity - The musical of St. Francis of Assisi
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St. Francis of Assisi
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Poster for Mirrors For Eternity about St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare

"Mirrors for Eternity" explores relationships among the good people of Assisi at a time when life, property, love, faith and family are being defined by the conflicts we later call 'history'. Violence and insecurity enlighten the presence of God, as the sons and daughters of Assisi discover a response that will resonate immeasurably beyond the walls of their city in both time and space.


From the Program
There can be no question that the presence of Clare and Francis of Assisi is any less real, less significant, less enlightening or inspiring or true at this moment in time than it was during the 12th and 13th centuries. The Saints of Assisi are encountered in art and music and literature; through their own magnificent yet limited writing, as well as the countless volumes written about them and because of them. Still, it is one thing to encounter personalities who have been brought to us through the trappings of what we call history, quite another thing actually to know the presence of the persons in question.

Clare and Francis are present in the world because Franciscans are present. It is the characteristic hospitality of Sisters and Friars everywhere that reflects the genuine truth of those lives borrowed by two children of Assisi eight centuries past. Do not be confused: this is hospitality whose ultimate goal is to bring us all to the same place; guest and host together discover their essential likeness. Franciscans reflect to the world a simple truth of perfection – that we are nothing more than each other finally, and nothing less than a presence of the Lord Creator God. That truth realized becomes an essential response to lifetime: Contemplate the Presence! Know it! Wear it as your life!

Clare and Francis are present in the world because Franciscans are present . . . as Mirrors.

Robert S.P. Gardner

Scene from the musical about St. Francis of Assisi
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